Why take a chance on your smile?

Because you deserve to look and feel your absolute best.


Every idea starts with a problem, and ours was simple: dentistry is too expensive. Founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty goal to offer professional dental products at a revolutionary price (while leading the way for socially conscious businesses), Niveus was founded to inspire everyone to reach their potential through a healthy smile.

As a dentist, I know how important and downright essential it is for people to feel good about themselves. After all, how we perceive ourselves sets us up to try new things and reach our full potential. And since smiles are one of the key features that can cause low self-esteem and debilitate someone's ability to try new experiences, I launched Niveus so everyone can overcome those challenges and gain that rich quality of life they deserve.

Never underestimate the power of a confident smile. Overall, our Niveus team truly believes that nothing improves your appearance, confidence, and outlook on life like a bright and healthy smile. This is why we are dedicated to supporting you on this journey by providing affordable and professional dental care - not just to ensure you achieve whiter teeth, but to encourage you to smile more and gain that wholesome glow that only confidence can itself unlock.


No more photoshopping your teeth or smiling with your mouth closed.


In the end, Niveus is a brand of hope and inspiration. We believe in the power of smiling to bring out the best in people and the potential of people to bring out the best in our world. Even more, we promise that you will get the ultimate results that not only give you visibly healthier-looking teeth but will help you reach new levels of self-esteem that you never knew you had. Because if there is one thing for sure, it is your right to smile, it is your right to feel good about yourself, and when we smile, the world smiles with you.

Diego F. Sanchez, DMD

Millions of people worldwide lack access to dental care. To help address this problem, we have partnered with non-profits such as Beyond the Smile Foundation to help increase access to care for people in need.